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Online shopping is an emerging e-commerce technology. What could be easier than when you are not faced with a multitude of markets offering a limited number of products at a time? Yes, it is online shopping, which makes shopping easier and more convenient. The sellers are uploading the product details online which can be easily viewed while browsing the website. There are many websites that are easy to access.

We are all better aware of the fact that most people see shopping as an interesting aspect. Especially women and girls are addicted to shopping. Now, as technology is getting advanced day by day and developing new ways, we have benefited from a way to browse the internet and shop while sitting in one place. We are able to get a wide variety of products at one place. In addition, we can find a wide variety of products for men, women and children, choosing from different categories. We search, select and purchase the products after which the goods are delivered to our specified address.

It is also helping people living in remote areas. Through online mode we can search for latest apparel as well as shop for them. Normally, it takes a long time for the stores to fetch and present the same items.

Online shopping involves the transaction or business of money over the Internet. The buyer makes a purchase through the Internet after selecting the item or product according to his need. Hence technology is moving towards the concept of digitalisation. General shopping has been given a new face with the help of technical support. The traditional modes of shopping have been upgraded by making them online or offline. This is a successful change in trading strategy. New ideas and methods have been implemented to develop it anew and provide maximum profits or economic benefits.

Online shopping is the result of change in business strategy hence helps in competition. It is proving to be an easy, convenient and better option and hence it is the best example of the concept of digitization.

Everything in this world has two sides i.e. a positive and a negative. Same is the case with online shopping. In some ways, it is beneficial and in some other ways, it has some negative effects as well.

The benefits of online shopping are listed below:

- It provides us with a convenient way of shopping.

- We provide a one-click view of various products and services that are available in variety of variants, required sizes and variants, etc.

- It saves us from the rush of markets and shops. In other words, we get freedom from the time wasted in moving from one shop to another and having to stand in queue for hours to do billing etc.

- We can stay within our price range and get products at even lower prices.

- We can order clothes as per our choice and occasion and requirement. Mostly, we are not able to get the outfits which we want in offline shopping.

- The disadvantages of online shopping are listed here:

- The products we buy through online channels usually when we get them do not match with the products we ordered.

- If we need a product immediately, then online shopping option is not suitable for us or we have to pay extra charges for this.In offline shopping, we can buy and use the product immediately, but we do not get this benefit when we opt for online shopping.

- At times we are required to provide our card information for the purpose of transacting in online purchases; Hackers use all that card information for cybercrime.

- Sometimes product return may be chargeable and may take time.

- Sometimes, broken or defective goods are received.

Online shopping is the love of the youth of today's generation. This is an interesting way to find multiple products with different prices on a single portal or location. Online shopping has blessed us with all the emerging ideas that we can surprise our special ones on some special days. But in other views, it also has some implications. So it depends on our usage, whether we adopt this new process or else traditional methods of shopping.

Happy Shopping 🎁

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